Striking Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

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Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

Hairstyles offer a complete makeover to your personality. Sometimes, we are unable to recognize a person just because she did a great hairdo. No matter what you wear, if your hairstyle is unique, you come in the queue of stylish ladies. Many of us have short hair just because we do not find time to maintain them; however, this does not mean that we can’t create fashion statements. Short hair adds volumes and can make great styles too. Here are some short hairstyles for ladies with silky, soft, beautiful, and straight hair.

Long bang haircut: This is the simplest and one of the shortest hairdo practices. Its name is quite strange “Long Bangs” though it is associated with short hair...

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Evening Gown For Women In Their 40’s

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evening gowns

Mid-aged women can look more striking and sexy as they have wide exposure in terms of fashion trends and are well aware of the rules and regulations of social events. They know the secrets as in how to look charming yet being matured. Some popular examples are Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie who are above 40, but people admire them more than their youth.

Hence, it is highly advisable that you choose the best gowns from the ones available in the shops. Selecting the right ones can make you look fashionable and become the talk of the town. Following are some of the gowns that garner lots of eyeballs and can make people look at you for stretched durations.

Strapless gowns: These gowns compliment women of all age groups...

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How To Choose The Right Trousers And Catch The Spotlight

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choosing trousers

Trousers make a great fashion statement these days. Earlier, only men used to wear them but over the years, trousers have transformed themselves into grand fashion statements for women too. The most important aspect of carrying yourself while looking trendy lies in picking the right pair of trousers. Nowadays, the market is flooded with phenomenal pieces ranging in varied cuts and designs and in vibrant colours. However, you should shun the practice of grabbing anything from the rack and pick the one that suits your body type. Follow some of the below mentioned remarkable styling tips and look phenomenal:

  1. Body type: The major hidden secret lies in choosing the trousers based on your body type. While going to office, pick the one that is appropriate according to the surrounding...
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Fundamental Rules Of Fashion And Style

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fashion rules

Simple dressing up takes few minutes while creating a fashion statement takes long and for this reason women take so long to dress up themselves for any special event. They are aware if the fact that what they wear can make or break their personality. However, before going outdoors one should practice the following do’s and don’ts-

Do not wear double denim: Double denim makes a good fashion statement. It complements almost all the dresses; however, it’s totally absurd to think that dressing head to toe in denim will look grand. Avoid these combinations and wear pastel coloured funky tops as they would neither overemphasize you nor make you look shabby. Also, wear a pair of pin-pointed sandals carrying a stylish bag on your shoulders...

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Five Latest Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

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plus size fashion

Most of the time plus size women feel insecure about their weight, but that does not mean they can’t look stylish. By picking right accessories and following the topmost fashion tips they can gain flattering attention too. If you are plus size, then follow these fashion tips to enhance your beauty while wearing the latest western outfits.

  • Appropriate bra: Women who are blessed with heavy breast should make sure that their bra is a perfect one. It would give a proper lift to your sensual body part thus making it look naturally round. To serve the purpose, an underwire bra of right size avoids bulging of the boobs and gives your outfit a perfect look. In addition to this, always buy a branded bra because it is tailored with quality stuff and is highly durable...
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Latest Fashion Trends Of 2014

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pastel trend 2014

Fashion freaks always look for latest fashion trends on the arrival of the new season. Here are some hot fashionable outfits of 2014 that offers you an opportunity to look classy, stylish, and sexy. So, incorporate them in your life straight away from runways and garner lots of eyeballs.

Soft and vibrant shades of pastels:

The summer season is enriched with a wide range of soothing and vibrant shades of colourful pastel costumes. You can have its huge collection by visiting the boutiques of renowned fashion designers. They would certainly enhance your aesthetic appeal together with natural beauty by blending clothing and accessories in a perfect proportion. Mix and match these pastel shaded outfits with any type of heels and get ready for a Sunday afternoon or for a special official visit.

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The New Shoe Collection For This Summer

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mettalic shoes

Summer 2014 has brought a huge variety of shoes to make an individual’s life vivacious. To fill the ‘WOW’ factor in a woman’s personality, designers have instilled an exciting range on runways for the shoe lovers. You can exhibit your sexy legs with sleek shoes in varied styles and colours. Wearing them you will feel like a renowned model hitting your own personal runway.  Hence, wear some of the most interesting, frivolous, and colourful collection and set a trend for many others.

Colours: In this summer season, bright and bold is the demand of the time. You can watch the great candy shades that speak bold and proud. These vivacious coloured shoes can be found in myriad of designs and patterns...

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Be Innovative And Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

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Drop-waist flapper outfit

Adorn fringe and feathers to your outfits and welcome spring by decorating your wardrobe with some jazzed up ideas. Insert new styles of roaring twenties that are most likely adaptations of films. Channelize the styles of main characters of any famous novel or your favourite film and be the centre of attraction. There are innumerable Jazz age glamour notions that each of us can add in our life from Prada to H & M and spice up our wardrobe.

  • Drop- waist flapper outfit: This spring or summer we have nothing better than following a slinky sheath drop waist flapper outfit which is embellished with an elegant beading, beautiful embroidery, or an eye catching metallic threading.
  • High- Low Hems highlights your best body part: Adorn yourself from knee to ankle by highlighting your best features...
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Essential Fashion Tips for all Fashion Divas

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mix and match

Fashion is all about revamping yourself. If you are enthusiastic and want to dress up yourself in endless ways then you should update yourself with the latest fashion trends. Be innovative with whatever you wear so that you are not caught red handed while wearing the accessories that were the fashion statements of the yester years.  If you find yourself aloof from the best findings and works of fashion industry, then follow the guidelines given below to stay attuned with the best outfits throughout the year.

Familiarize yourself with the latest books on fashion: This is the first and easiest approach to be spotted as the fashionable one. Pay a visit to the store that provides you with the latest information of fashion industry...

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Breathe Life Into Your Ruined Outfits by Using Amazing Cleaning Techniques

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cleaning tips for clothes

Though there are innumerable ways to keep your attires fresh, but it is highly recommended that you follow only recommended cleaning practices. Ensure to go through labelled instructions as whether the outfit needs to be machine washed or dry clean. Here are some of the most proven formulas to keep your stuff revived.

  • To maintain the brightness of your outfits, add a dash of pepper before rinsing laundry in the machine. This practice will keep the colours of outfits unsullied.
  • Crisp ironing is another simple yet effective way to revamp any of your wrinkled or bedraggled outfits. This is the most proven custom and makes your shirts or pair of pants all time new.
  • Stains are inevitable and do not cast any strong reason to discard any of your favourite Kurti or branded top...
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